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Wakeboard Camp in Georgia North Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions about Shred Camp

What is the age limit?
Generally we suggest a beginner coming to camp to be 10 years old if it is their first time riding.  Otherwise take a year off for each year your child has been riding.  For example, an 8 year old with 2 years of riding under their belt would do just fine.  If you have a child wanting to come to camp, give us a call and we can help you make the right decision.
How much will I be riding?
Each camper will have at least 3 lessons a day, plus a chance for one more free riding set if the camper would like; boat or cable. 
Who will be coaching?  Do they know what they are doing?
Mountain Wake Shred Camp instructors are hand picked based on their personality, riding abilities and overall vibe they bring to the table.  Each coach/instructor will be more then qualified with their riding abilities/knowledge of instruction.  On top of their riding/instruction, they will all be great role models for the campers!  Feel free to give us a call for information on our staff.
Is this a boat camp or cable camp?
Shred Camp was designed to enhance every aspect of your riding.  Cable lessons allow you more time on the water to practice either fundamentals or your next big trick.  No matter what you are working on, you will be back on the water after each fall twice as fast with the cable.  You will gain more confidence and comfort, allowing for more progression behind the boat!  Our coaches will then help transition your cable training to boat lesson where you will put your new skills to the test. 
What food do I need to bring?
Riding on an empty stomach is no fun; we will supply lunch each day.  Make sure to eat a big breakfast each morning before you come to camp, you will be using a lot of energy before lunch.  There will be a cookout for campers and their parents the last day of camp.
Can I use your gear?  Do I need my own?
Doesn’t matter, you can bring your own or use ours.  Campers will be free to demo any board in the shop behind the boat.  Campers buying new gear during the week of their camp will receive 10% off extra.
Will my kids be supervised the whole time?
Coaches will be with campers at all times, there will always be someone riding!
Will I need any extra money while I am at camp?
Unless your camper trying to purchase their own gear they will not need extra money.  We will provide lunch and snacks through out the day. 
After 4 days, what should I leave camp having gained?
You will meet new friends who have the same interests as you.  Each camper will learn at their own pace, some will seem to have learned more then others but this is all subjective.  Shred Camp will have you leaving Thursday afternoon more confident and comfortable on the water, hopefully with a few new tricks under the belt!  Our coaches will not have you disappointed!
Do I need to have certain basics down to come to camp? 
Not at all!  Our coaches are here to help campers getting up for their first time all the way to landing their first 720!  Camp Shred is for everyone.
Are there different camps for beginners and advanced riders?
For now there is not, all campers ride together.  Your coaches will get to know your riding quickly and help you with your specific style.  It also helps seeing different campers at different levels, you will pick up pointers from coaches as they coach riders at all different levels!
Can I learn to wakesurf or wakeskate?
Of course, learning to wakesurf behind one of our inboard boats is a blast!  It’s fun for all ages.  Wakeskating has quickly made a huge name for itself as a sport similar to wakeboarding, and of course we are a huge fan of it!  If you want to learn how, we will teach you to ride. 
What else can I do during the day besides wakeboard?
Mountain Wake has recently added  stand up paddle boards to the rental fleet.  You will be free to take them out in the afternoons if we have some available.
If there is time, can I ride more than 4 times? 
If you still have energy, and there is still time in the afternoons, by all means ride!!
How many campers per week?
We like to keep the amount of campers from 6-12.  This way each camper spends more one on one time with their coaches.  The way we have designed our camps there is never more than 6 campers on a boat or using the cable at one time.  This allows the campers and coaches to stay stress free and focused on learning! 
What are the over night camp accommodations?  Who will be supervising?
Each evening campers will be transported to the Mountain Wake Cabin located about 10 minutes away from the cable.  There is plenty of room for campers and coaches to sleep.  There will be at least 2 coaches on site at all times to supervise.
Do you run background checks on your instructors?
YES! Here at Mountain Wake we take your childrens safety very seriously.   All employees and Staff members go through a extensive background check and screening process as well as training.  Many have been working with youth camps for many years.
I do not live in the area.  Is there somewhere parents can stay while our child is at camp?
The cable park is actually located on property at The Ridges Resort.  There is a discounted rate for parents who have kids signed up for camp.  Just give us a call and we will give you the room code needed when making a reservation.  There are also plenty of campgrounds in the area, on and off the lake plus tons of cabin rentals in the Lake Chatuge area!

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